Design Studio offers a comprehensive range of architectural design, interior design and project management services including: site surveys, programming and planning, schematic design, design development, construction document and specification preparation, bid coordination, and construction administration.

The following is a detailed account of services provided by the firm:

Work Stages A: Inception

  • Discussing client’s requirements including time scale and financial limits
  • Establishing client’s full brief
  • Carrying out initial site visit and appraisal
  • Advising on the need for other consultants services

Work Stage B: Feasibility

  • Carrying out feasibility studies so as to determine the feasibility of the client’s requirements.

Work Stage C: Outline Proposals

  • Preparing outline proposals.

Work Stage D: Scheme Design

  • Developing a scheme design from the outline proposals.
  • Advising the client of implications of any subsequent changes on the cost of the project and the overall programme.
  • Where required, making an application for planning and building permission. The permission itself is beyond the Architect’s control and no guarantee can be given.

Work Stage E: Detail Design

  • Developing the scheme design in detail, determining the quality of materials and standard of workmanship.
  • Obtaining quotations and other information in connection with specialist work.
  • Co-ordinating all other consultants related to the project.

Work Stage F and G: Production Information and Bills of Quantities

  • Preparation of production information including drawings, schedules and specification of materials and workmanship.
  • Providing information for bills of quantities to be prepared.

Work Stage H: Tender Action

  • Invitation of Tenders from approved Contractors.
  • Appraising and advising on the tenders submitted.

Work Stage J: Project Planning

  • Advising the Client on the appointment of the Contractor and the responsibilities of the Client, Contractor and Architect under the terms of the building contract.
  • Where required, preparation of the building contract to be signed by the client and the contractor.

Work Stage K: Operations on Site

  • Administering the terms of the building contract during site operations.
  • Visiting the site as appropriate and as agreed to inspect generally the progress and quality of the work.

Work Stage L: Completion

  • Administering the terms of the contract relating to the completion of the works.
  • Giving general guidance on maintenance of the building.
  • Providing the client with "As Built" drawings.

Other Services

  • Interior Designing complete with specifications for all finishes, fixtures, fittings and furniture
  • Advising on and preparation of specialist work such as shop fitting and exhibition design
  • Designing and advising on the selection of furniture and fittings
  • dvising on the commissioning or selection of works of art
  • Project development
  • Project management
  • Site surveys, inspections and investigations
  • Submitting plans of proposed buildings for the approval of landlords etc.